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EFL Stuff
Pearl Earring on Mars Articulator
Articulator is an experimental website developed as a project for my MEd in ELT and Educational Technology. it is designed to help ESL/EAP students to explore the use of the English article system ('a/an' and 'the')
Neil Murray's page Holidays
Holidays is a web-quest matching exercise aimed at PET students.
My CV - updated 1st October 2003

EFL Resources
a page of links to EFL resource pages
which EFL and ESOL Teachers may find useful..

Christmas Greetings 1999

Christmas Greetings 2000

EFL Worksheets
Some of my EFL Teaching worksheets in Word format

Dip TESOL Revision Notes

MEd Dissertation26,000 words about why EFL teachers hate students using Pocket Electronic Dictionaries. Action! Excitment! Bibliogaphies! Tables! Graphs!

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Christmas Greetings 2001
Christmas Greetings 2002




House to let

If you have found any of the online EFL resources useful, and work in a commercial institution, you may wish to make a donation towards further development.

This page is under constant development; yeah, like once every six months... And when's the blog going to have something interesting on it?

Bankgate Tutors Home Page

please note that Bankgate Tutors are not currently trading -
this page remains on the net as an example of my web
building skills